Class Climate allows you to design your own custom course and instructor evaluations and administer them online. It offers a great deal of flexibility and returns results electronically via PDF or Excel format.

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The resources on this page are intended to assist subunit administrators with administering course evaluations in Class Climate.

Changing the text of notification emails in Class Climate

In Class Climate, the emails generated for survey invitations, reminders, response rate notifications, and results reports can be adjusted from the system default by the subunit administrator.

Creating a new course in Class Climate

In cases where a course is not automatically loaded to Class Climate, such as when there are fewer than five students enrolled or the "Primary Instructor" field is empty, the subunit administrator can manually create a course.

Creating a questionnaire in Class Climate

This guide will help you create a basic questionnaire in Class Climate using VividForms Editor, web-based software that runs directly in the application interface.

Downloading reports in Class Climate

How to download reports in Class Climate.

Generating evaluation surveys in Class Climate

How to generate evaluation surveys in Class Climate. Surveys can be generated once courses are loaded into Class Climate.

Increasing response rates for Class Climate

Strategies for instructors and Class Climate administrators to increase response rates for online course evaluations.

Reporting Class Climate results including batch, subunit, and college-level reports

Class Climate reporting is available at the individual, batch, subunit, and college levels. You can also export composite reports from Class Climate to local storage.

Resending a results report from Class Climate to an instructor

You can resend a report from Class Climate, as long as the survey still exists in the system.

Viewing and downloading survey results in Class Climate

Survey results are produced in real-time and standard reports are available to subunit administrators immediately after the first response is submitted. These reports can be downloaded as a PDF for storage or distribution.