Enrolling in multi-factor-authentication


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) protects you against lost or stolen passwords by adding a verification step to your OHIO login with the Duo Mobile application. If you already enrolled in MFA with your OHIO account, learn how to reactivate a device after a reset or replacement.


All devices you use to access your OHIO account


  1. Ensure Account Recovery 
  • Login to https://account.ohio.edu and select Manage Account 
  • In case you forget or lose your password, ensure you have set up a recovery email and security questions
  1. Enable MFA on your OHIO account and enroll your first device 

  • Log in to https://account.ohio.edu/multi-factor with your OHIO email address and password
  • Follow the steps to enroll your first device
  • After enrollment select Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for all eligible services 
  • After you enroll, check the Remember me for 30 days box on all personal devices to reduce the number of notifications you receive while logging in
  • Download the Duo Mobile App in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  1. Set up Duo 

  1. Choose Your Authentication Method 

  • Duo push notifications (fastest method)
    • To speed up future logins, select Remember me for 30 days 
    • If you have followed the steps above but are still not receiving push notifications, ensure that you allow Duo Mobile to send push notifications through your mobile device's settings
  • Phone calls or texts
    • Option for individuals who are unable to use the Duo Mobile App 
    • To speed up future logins, select Remember me for 30 days (only if you are using a computer that you do not share with others)
    • Employees who need to receive multiple Duo calls or texts each day are encouraged to use a hardware token instead (described below)
    • Set up instructions can also be referenced in Duo's Configure Your Device
  • Hardware token 
    • Key chain-sized device for generating passcodes that is convenient for users without a mobile device or those traveling internationally
    • Initial tokens will be provided at no cost but lost, stolen, or damaged tokens will be replaced at cost by the user
    • To request a token, complete the Token Request Form (tokens are only available to faculty, staff, or students)


Outcome: You should now be able to enroll in multi-factor authentication through Duo Mobile.

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