Adding TA's, instructors, and other users to Blackboard Ultra


How to add TA's, instructors, and users to Blackboard Ultra


Mac, PC, web browser, and mobile app


Adding a TA or extra instructor to a course

  • To add a TA or extra instructor to your course, please contact the IT Service Desk and request assistance.  

Adding extra users to my Ultra course 

  • The default function of Blackboard allows instructors to add, edit, or delete any users in their courses. While adding an extra person has limited risks associated with it, deleting or editing users can have serious consequences. For example, if you delete a student from a course in Blackboard, you delete everything that student has submitted and all of their participation; most of which is not recoverable. Or if a student is accidentally changed to the role of TA, that could present a FERPA issue. Unfortunately, these privileges are tied together within Blackboard, and as such, OIT has disabled those options.

  • In Original Courses, OIT was able to find a way around that by using a custom integration called Add/Modify Enrollments, which allows instructors to add extra users and only modify the users that they manually added. This type of integration, called a Building Block, is not compatible with Ultra Courses. There are currently no viable replacement options for this integration. 

  • Please know that extra users can still be added to your Ultra Courses by OIT. Instructors just no longer have a self-service option to do so. 

  • To add extra users to your course please contact the IT Service Desk and request assistance.  

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