Using a smartwatch for Azure Multi-Factor Authentication


Instead of a mobile device, you can use a smartwatch to verify your login attempts with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. 


Mobile device, smartwatch


  1. Enable the Microsoft Authenticator app through your watch management app on your phone to display push notifications on your smartwatch.

  2. If you receive an error when attempting to authenticate with your smartwatch, ensure you have disabled the App Lock on your Microsoft Authenticator app. 

    1. In your Microsoft Authenticator app, navigate to the Settings menu.

    2. Disable App Lock to prevent Azure from prompting you to unlock your device. App lock is shown disabled, with a red circle around the menu option

Note: If you are using Apple Watch watchOS 7, there is a known error that prevents approving notifications on your watch. You will need to approve push notifications on your phone instead until the issue is resolved. Microsoft provides more details under the Apple Watch watchOS 7 FAQ.

Outcome: You should now be able to use your smartwatch for Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. 

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