Using Portfolios in Blackboard Original (Students)


Create, edit, and share portfolios in Blackboard Original



Portfolios tell a carefully crafted story to the world about who you are and what you can do. You can organize a collection of artifacts to tell that story.

Share your portfolios as evidence of your skills and future potential. Use them to apply for jobs, promotions, college, to show a transferable skill, and to track your personal development.

You can also create more than one portfolio. With more than one portfolio, you can combine them, or share them separately, to tell different stories about your skills and ambitions.


Mac, PC, and mobile app


The My Portfolios page is your launching point to view, create, and review portfolios.

Access the My Portfolios page:

  1. Select Tools on Blackboard’s left navigation panel and then Portfolios 

View a portfolio:

  1. From the My Portfolios page, select View

Share your portfolio with those outside of the university:

  1. From the My Portfolios page, select More, then Share

  2. On the Share Portfolio page, hover over the Share a Snapshot with dropdown

  3. Select External Users

  4. On the Share with External Users page, you can share with individuals via email and password protect your portfolio

    • Note: When you share your portfolio, you are making a static copy of your portfolio. If you make changes after sharing, those will not be visible to the external user.

Download a copy of your portfolio when you graduate:

  1. From the My Portfolio page, select More, then Download

  2. In the popup, click the Click to download Portfolio link

  3. Your portfolio will download as a zipped HTML file

  4. Alternatively, you can share your portfolio with your personal email address via the share with External User steps above

Submit a portfolio assignment:

  1. Instructors can require that you submit portfolios for course assignments. If your instructor created a portfolio template for you to complete, follow the directions provided in the template.

  2. When you have completed your assigned portfolio, select Done Editing

  3. A snapshot of your portfolio at that point in time is shared with your instructor for grading.

  • Note: If you edit your portfolio after submission, your instructor does not see those edits.

  • Note: If your instructor allowed multiple attempts, you could make edits and resubmit the portfolio assignment.

  • Note: After your instructor grades your portfolio, your grade appears in My Grades. Your grade does not appear on your My Portfolios page.

Outcome: You should now be able to.access, edit, and share your Blackboard Original portfolio.

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