Viewing Grades and Feedback in Blackboard Original


Viewing grades and instructor feedback in Blackboard Original.



View recently graded items and course grades for past and current courses.

Note: Course grades reflect only graded assignments. 


Mac, PC, mobile


  1. Do one of the following:

    • OPTION 1: While on the Institution Page (Bb landing page), select the Grades link from the system navigation panel at left.

    • OPTION 2: If you are already viewing a course, select the Tools link from the course navigation menu and then click My Grades. Alternatively, the course navigation menu may contain a direct link to the My Grades tool.

  2. Check the Grades column at far right for the grade or status of each assignment/test/activity listed in the "Item" column.  Don't see a grade? For more details about the various status indicators, view the What do the icons mean? Bb Help article.

  3. To view any additional feedback from your instructor, click the item’s title. (Not all instructors provide additional feedback.)

    • Additional step to view detailed Test feedback (as configured by the instructor): After clicking on the item’s title, then click on the test score.

Screenshot of the My Grades page with one assignment circled in pink.

Additional grade information

  • View recently graded items and course grades for past and current courses.

  • All Grades - Using the global Grades tool, you can view grades for all of your courses in one location.

  • Detailed Course Grades - You can monitor project due dates, review exam scores and results, and access assignment grades and feedback for a specific class with the My Grades course tool.

  • Attendance Grades - For each class meeting, instructors can mark whether you were present, late, absent, or excused.


Outcome: You should now be able to view your graded assignments in Blackboard Original. 

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