Communicating with students in Blackboard Original


Communicate with students in Blackboard Learn using a variety of tools that enable communication and foster collaboration.



You can communicate and interact with an individual or group of students in your course using the many tools available in Blackboard. By employing a blend of communication techniques, instructors can foster collaboration with and between their students. 


Mac, PC, and mobile app


Blackboard Learn has a variety of communication tools that enable communication and foster collaboration:

  • Announcements - Post important course information like due dates, upcoming tests, and other course-related events.

  • Calendar - Graded items with due dates appear in the calendar automatically. Manually create events for additional project or test due dates, class meetings, special lectures, and/or office hours.

    • Note: When importing a Blackboard calendar to an external calendar application (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.) via the iCal external calendar link, the external calendar will not display dynamic events generated by the system in response to Due Dates (i.e. dates for assignments, tests, etc., which update in the calendar automatically based on the item due date settings configured by the instructor). 

  • Email - Send emails to all course users, select groups, or individual users straight from your course to their OHIO email account.

  • Groups - Manual, random, or self-enrollment groups provide a space for group work and collaboration.

  • Discussions - Explore a deeper understanding of course content through discussion board forums with focused topics or create a Q&A forum where students can pose questions for instructors or peers to respond.

  • Journals - Interact with students privately as they share their reflections on course-related materials.

  • Wikis – Wikis allow course members to contribute and modify one or more pages of course-related materials and provide a means of sharing and collaboration. 

  • Blogs – A blog is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended to share with others. Most blogs also have a commenting feature, so that people can respond to one another's thoughts. Blogs encourage students to clearly express their ideas. 

  • Messages – Course messages are private and secure text-based communication that occurs within your course among course members. 

Outcome: You should now be able to communicate with students in Blackboard Original and chose the tool that best suits your communication needs. 

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