Downloading Grades in Blackboard Ultra (Instructors)


Downloading and working offline with Blackboard Ultra Grade data.



Instructors can download grade data from the course Grade Center in Blackboard via the Work Offline option. After downloading a copy of the Grade Center, the instructor can open and edit the download in Microsoft Excel. Once editing is complete, the file can then be uploaded back into the Blackboard Grade Center. 


Mac, PC, and mobile app


The Work Offline feature is a helpful option for Instructors wanting to enhance grade data in ways not easily accomplished using Blackboard's Grade Center. Instructors may use the Work Offline function to:

  • add a curve to a test

  • add extra credit to a final grade

  • import attendance

  • archive a version of the gradebook

  • prepare final grades for import to the Ohio University Online Grading System

Download Grades from Blackboard

Prepare Download for Import to Ohio University Online Grading System

After downloading your grades from Blackboard into an Excel file, three column names will need to be changed or added to successfully upload the grades to the Ohio University Online Grading System.

  1. The name for the column containing student PID numbers (currently named Student ID) will need to be changed to: PID.

  2. The column that displays the students’ final grade will need to be labeled: Grade. Final grades must be in letter grade format.

  3. You will need to create a column for students that stopped attending class labeled: FS Stop Date. For those students there should be an FS grade entered in the grade column and the date entered in the column should be in the format mm/dd/yyyy. This is the date the student last attended or last submitted work for the class.

excel headings

*Note: See the "Grading System" section of the Registrar's Grades page for more helpful information.

Outcome: You should now be able to download student grades from Blackboard Ultra. 

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