Creating a local copy of a course or organization in Blackboard Original (Instructors)


How to create a local copy of a Blackboard course or organization



Instructors can create a local copy of a Blackboard course or organization.


PC and Mac


To make a local copy of your course or organization, see the Export and Archive Blackboard Help page

Please note that the instructions will provide you with two options: Archive or Export:

  • An archive file contains FERPA protected information such as student information and grades. Do not use the archive option unless you can properly secure the file. For more information about properly securing a file, please see the Student Education Records Storage page

  • An export file contains only the information created by the instructor and does not contain any student information, therefore it can be stored on your computer or a cloud storage option like OneDrive.

Outcome: You should now be able to create a local copy of your course or organization.

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