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Getting started

Who can submit Technology Review requests?

OHIO faculty and staff can submit Technology Review requests.

What is a Technology Review?

A Technology Review is a University process for utilizing a technology solution that is not currently available or approved for installation at OHIO. In addition, the solution will be reviewed periodically depending on the risk factors, such as the type of data it stores. This may include, but is not limited to, cloud-based software, desktop-based software, mobile apps, and domain purchases. 

How do I request a Technology Review?

Request a Technology Review by completing every required field of the Technology Review request form. After you submit the request, you will be able to see where the request is in the approval process by viewing your tickets via the Technology Help Center.

What happens after I submit the request?

Once submitted, your request will be reviewed by OIT and other University areas based on this process. You may be asked to provide additional information at any point within the review process. If approved, you will be notified by the ticket provided a quote for the price of the requested software and asked to provide any additional information needed. If your request is denied, you may work with OIT to identify an alternative solution. 

Frequently asked questions

Why are Technology Reviews required?

Technology reviews are necessary to comply with several University policies (91.00691.00404.001) and state law. The process protects the safety, security, and financial interests of our campus community by verifying appropriate handling of sensitive data, evaluating accessibility and compatibility, and ensuring that all new software terms of use/contracts include the Ohio Attorney General's "essential terms." In the case of renewals, the process can identify changes in the way Ohio University uses a product compared to when its original contract was signed.

What types of purchases require a Technology Review?

All information and communication technology purchases and adoptions must be reviewed, regardless of cost or funding source (state, foundation, athletic, federal or state grant funds, etc.) This includes "free" products or services (e.g. Apple, Google Apps) as well as those developed on campus. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Software

  • Equipment that uses a digital interface, software, or system to store, manage, control, manipulate or retrieve information

  • Videos

  • Web content

  • Communications products

How long does the Technology Review process take?

It can take up to a month or longer. It will depend on how fast the vendor will work with Ohio University in regards to terms, accessibility, and security.

If I have a long-term contract, can I get an exception to the Technology Review process?

No, it will need to go through the process if it hasn't been reviewed in the last two years by all parties. Security and laws change often and this will ensure OHIO is adhering to all laws and policies.

Do I still need to submit a Technology Review if I pay for the product myself?

Yes. If the software is installed on University-owned devices or is used for work purposes, the University is still at risk.

What do I do if I already accepted the term's agreements?

Contact the IT Service Desk immediately; they will be able to determine if the software was downloaded to your device or if what you accidentally agreed to is a service on the internet. If you downloaded software to your university-owned computer, OIT will assist in removing all unwanted software. If you agreed to an online service, they will send the ticket to the appropriate university department to contact the company and explain the situation.


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