Getting started with a shared mailbox or calendar


Accessing a shared mailbox or calendar online or from the Outlook app.


Table of Contents

Outlook on the web (

Option 1: Add the shared folder to your list 

  1. Log into with your own OHIO ID and password. 

  1. Right-click on Folders in the left menu. 

  1. Select Add shared folder

  1. Enter the email address of the shared mailbox or calendar and select Add

  1. Your shared mailbox/calendar will appear in your expanded folder list below your personal folders. 

Option 2: Log in directly 

  1. Visit

  2. Log in using your own OHIO ID and password. 

  3. Use the app launcher icon near the top of your Outlook window to choose either Mail or Calendar

Outlook for Windows 

  1. Select the File tab. 

  2. Select Account Settings.

  3. Choose Account Settings from the drop-down. 

  4. Select Change

  5. Select More Settings at the bottom right. 

  6. Select the Advanced tab. 

  7. Select the Add button. 

  8. Enter in the mailbox name you received from the Technology Help Center > Select OK

  9. Select Apply > Select OK

  10. Select Next > Select Finish. 

  11. Close the Account Settings window. 

Outlook for Mac 

  1. In Outlook, navigate to Tools > Accounts 

  2. Under your account, select Advanced 

  3. Select the Delegates tab 

  4. Just below the “Open these additional mailboxes” section, select the “+“ in the bottom-left corner 

  5. Enter the shared mailbox’s email address and then select the appropriate account 

  6. Select Add, and then select OK 

  7. If prompted to allow an "autodiscover" connection, select Always use my response for this server, and then select Allow.

  8. Close the Accounts dialog box 

  9. Shortly, you should see the mailbox appear on the left side of Outlook underneath your mailbox 

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