Enabling sound on Mac OS for AirMedia


How to enable sound when using AirMedia (wireless display projection).



How to enable sound when using AirMedia (wireless display projection)


Mac OS, AirMedia-equipped classroom projector or flat-panel display, AirMedia app


  1. Open System Preferences:Sound and make sure SoundFlower is your active output device: Thumbnail 
  2. If you do not see an entry for SoundFlower, follow these steps to install it: 

    1. Download the SoundFlower disk image

    2. An installer icon should appear on your desktop. If it does not, look in your Downloads folder for a file that has "Soundflower" in its name and that ends with ".dmg" Double-click that file to make the installer icon appear on your desktop. 

    3. If the installer window does not open automatically, double click the Soundflower disk icon on your Desktop. 

    4. Doubleclick the Soundflower package icon and follow the onscreen prompts to complete your install: Thumbnail 

  3. Connect to the room's projector or flat panel display using your AirMedia app. 

  4. Make sure the volume is turned up, both on your computer and in whatever app you are displaying. 

  5. If you still have no sound, repeat step 1 above and make sure Soundflower is chosen as your sound output. 

Outcome: You should now have sound enabled

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