Recreating Qualtrics email triggers using email workflow tasks



Qualtrics has indicated that the Email Trigger function will be retired soon. The Email Trigger functionality can be replicated using Qualtrics workflows. Work flows offer several notable improvements. Workflows will recreate the ability to send an email notification in response to a variety of events in Qualtrics. The most common example is to send out an email to a person or group of people every time a survey response is submitted.




This video provides an overview of the steps below. 

  1. Open your Qualtrics survey
  2. Select the Workflows tab
  3. Select Create a workflow.
  4. Select Started when an event is received.
  5. Determine the schedule for your workflow
  • Select Survey response.
  • Select Newly created responses, if not already selected.
  • Select Finish.

Note: Qualtrics API is only available by request. OIT does not provide support for API and Qualtrics vendor support is limited.

  1. Under Survey response, Select the plus sign ( + ).

Screenshot of Qualtrics Workflow editor prompt

  1. Select Add a task.
  2. Select Email.

Screenshot of Qualtrics workflow extension selection screen

  1. Complete the email task template information.
  • Select {a} to use email addresses obtained from survey data (piped text)

Screenshot of Qualtrics email task template

  1. Select Save
  • You will be able to select Save once all required fields are populated.
  1. Ensure that the workflow is turned on
  • The work flow is already turned on if the toggle switch states “Turn the workflow off”Screenshot of Qualtrics Workflow editor screen 
  1. Move your cursor to New Workflow, to name your email workflow task
  2. Select the "X" to  exit the workflow task
  3. Select the Survey tab
  4. Select Publish to apply all changes
  5. Ensure that the workflow functions properly by completing your survey as a respondent. 
  • You should receive two emails; one from the initial email trigger and one from the new email workflow. 
  1. Once you determine that your email workflow functions properly you can delete the original email trigger. 

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