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At Ohio University, we proactively take steps to secure and protect devices that access and use our network. Using this proactive approach, it allows both the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and Information Security the ability to discover, update, and maintain managed devices. These updates pertain to software patches for updating or fixing known vulnerabilities.  They also may include updates to help maintain the security of your OHIO device.

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What is a managed device? 

A managed device is a personal computing device that routinely connects to a network for instructions on any necessary software or policy updates. These systematic updates are pushed to devices allowing them to process updates on a monthly basis. By keeping the devices on the most current version of software and or security policies, it provides continuity for devices that access our network.  

How does OHIO deal with updates? 

Software providers like Microsoft and Apple routinely review their products for bug fixes, risks, and vulnerabilities. These providers continuously provide software patches and updates to OHIO to keep their products secure. OHIO receives regular updates to test and review as they become available. Once tested by OHIO staff, these updates are then scheduled so that they will automatically update OHIO devices.  

How does this benefit me? 

If you have an OHIO issued device, you can take advantage of automatic updates. Having your device updated on a regular basis ensures that your device has not only the most recent software updates but that your data and device are secure. These updates are scheduled monthly and have a minimal impact on the use of your OHIO device. By enrolling in automatic updates, OHIO users help maintain the safety of devices and data the devices have access to. 

What are my responsibilities as a user of a managed device at OHIO? 

At OHIO, we believe in our users taking all necessary precautions to protect the devices, the data stored on them, and the connections to our network. As a user of a managed device at OHIO, you are responsible for the physical security of the device and protecting the data stored on the device. 

In terms of general security, this includes taking general protections like locking a laptop when you walk away from it, not sharing passwords, and accepting software updates to the device.  Additionally, this means that users should only use the devices for OHIO business and accept all software updates that are pushed to the device. By taking steps to secure devices, it helps keep our devices and network safer.  

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