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This article is used to compare new Blackboard Ultra features to the original Blackboard.
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Learn how to install the RedSky MyE911 app to your device so you can access it for the first time.
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An overview of help and resource topics for Remote Network Access: VPN.
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Learn how to troubleshoot common issues and when to contact the IT Service Desk when using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.
Describes how you can change your password through the Authenticator app or your Microsoft account once you have opted into Azure MFA.
Describes how to reactivate the Authenticator app on a smart phone or tablet after a factory reset or replacing the device.
Learn how to enroll more than one device to authenticate your login attempts using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.
How to find your unique course ID in Blackboard.
General troubleshooting steps to solve many functionality issues in Blackboard Original.
Troubleshooting solutions to address slowness or service interruption issues while using Blackboard.
Access your course in Blackboard Learn.
How to get started with Blackboard Original for instructors.
Understand how to get started using the web or mobile version of Blackboard Original for students.
How to install software on an OHIO managed Windows computer.
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Accessing a shared mailbox or calendar online or from the Outlook app.
Learn how to create accessible emails.
Learn how to create accessible website content.
Learn how to run Microsoft Anti-Virus (Defender) to protect yourself from potential threats.