Grading and providing student feedback in Blackboard Original


Grade and provide feedback to students in Blackboard Original



You can easily access and begin grading student work to provide timely feedback in multiple formats using the Blackboard Grade Center. 

Blackboard provides a customizable Grade Center where you can easily access and begin grading student work in order to provide timely feedback in multiple formats. Instructors can generate reports and access individual, class, and assignment/test statistics. The Grade Center can be configured to automatically calculate course grades as a running total, not only simplifying your end-of-term grade submissions, but also keeping students apprised of their status throughout the term. Below are just a few of the features offered by the Grade Center. 


Mac, PC, and mobile app


  • Navigate grading - Access your customizable course Grade Center to provide your students with grades for assignments, tests, and activities.  

  • Grading tasks - Assign, edit, and calculate grades using a numerical or custom scale or an advanced grading method such as a rubric. 

  • Grade with rubrics - Score tests and assignments directly on a rubric that can be shared with students. 

  • Comment and annotate - Provide inline comments and use various interactive editing tools (highlighting, drawing, preloaded and custom stamps) to grade student papers within the web browser. 

  • Attendance - Record whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused for class meetings. 

  • Send reminders about missing coursework - Send email reminders to students missing coursework without leaving the Grade Center. 

  • Grade reports and statistics - Investigate the efficacy of assessments with individual, course, and assignment/test statistics, keep tabs on student performance with informative progress reports, or confirm student assignment participation by reviewing submission receipts. 

  • Creating a Turnitin Assignment in Bb Original- Learn how to rebuild Turnitin Assignments in Blackboard Original after May 4, 2022 updates.

  • Download grades - Work offline or prepare for end-of-course grade submission by downloading course grades from the Grade Center.  

  • Digital Toolbox: Checking for Plagiarism – This toolbox explains which tools inside of Blackboard can help you check student work for plagiarism. 

  • Instructor questions about grading  - Get answers to common grading questions. 

Outcome: You should now be able to grade student work and provide feedback in Blackboard Original. 

Known issues

Time out in Needs Grading workflow 

Graders using the Needs Grading feature may notice a disruption in the workflow related to the length of time spent grading/annotating an attempt. Upon submitting the graded attempt, a grader may land on the Full Grade Center view instead of the expected screen (e.g. next attempt in 'Needs Grading' status, Needs Grading tool, or particular Smart View), resulting in the need to find/navigate to the next attempt before proceeding with the grading workflow. This behavior may or may not be accompanied by an error message. The vendor is aware of the hardship caused by the issue and the importance of a fix, which is in development. 

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