Creating and Proctoring Tests in Blackboard Original


Creating proctored and un-proctored tests for students in Blackboard Original.



You can use tests and surveys to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students. Tests can be administered as proctored or un-proctored. 


Mac and PC


Building a test in Blackboard Original

  • Create Tests and Surveys - Build your online tests and quizzes using the Blackboard Test tool.

  • Question Types - Use various question types to provide a wide range of assessment techniques to monitor student learning.

  • Test and Survey Options - Set the options for feedback, due date, timer, multiple attempts, and availability exceptions for each test.

Using test settings to reduce common issues with test submission

On occasion, student assessment sessions in Blackboard are interrupted, leaving students with unfinished, sometimes un-submitted, exams. These often appear to faculty in the Grade Center with the “In Progress” icon rather than the “Needs Graded” icon or a grade. To fix this situation, instructors must submit the attempt on the student’s behalf, allow the student an additional attempt to complete the exam, or clear the student’s current, aborted attempt in order for the student to retake the exam from the beginning.  Which of these solutions is implemented is left to the instructor’s discretion, but usually depends on the student’s progress before the attempt was terminated.  While the occasional dropped session is unavoidable and to be expected, here are some recommendations and tips for faculty that should minimize the occurrence of this issue.

  • Avoid creating large (50+ questions) online exams with many and/or complex questions, and keep the length of time necessary to take the assessment under an hour.  Consider breaking up longer exams into multiple shorter assessments, such as Part 1 and Part 2. 

  • Do not activate the “Force Completion” feature. With Force Completion disabled, students will be able to re-enter the exam and finish their attempt from where they last saved their responses, rather than having to retake the assessment from the beginning after the failed attempt has been cleared by the instructor.  

    • NOTE: When “Force Completion” is off, a timed assessment continues to track remaining time until the attempt is submitted, even if the student has left the session or signed out of the system entirely. The “Auto-Submit” feature also continues to function as expected. 

  • With lengthy exams, avoid using the “Randomize Questions” feature and the “Question-by-Question” display option at the same time. Randomizing the questions in addition to having the questions display one at a time complicates as well as increases interaction with the database, which creates additional opportunities for a failed connection or dropped session. 

  • Be aware that the “Feedback Options” enabled for an assessment will be visible to the students for the duration of the course even if the assessment itself is unavailable (students can view enabled feedback via the My Grades tool). You may, however, adjust the “Feedback Options” from the “Test Options” page at any time, e.g. to allow a short review period. 

  • Preview assessments prior to making them available in order to detect and prevent problems before they affect students. 

  • Make sure to share the Tips for Taking a Test in Blackboard: Students page with your students prior to the exam period. 

Administering a proctored exam

  • Online Proctoring - Use online proctoring to allow your students to take a proctored exam on their own device from a location of their choosing.  

  • Testing Services - Connect with the OHIO Testing Services for in-person supervision of students while taking their proctored exams.


Outcome: You should now be able to create proctored and un-proctored test in Blackboard Original. 

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