Getting Started with: Cisco 8821 IP Phone and Features


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911 Services and Wireless Phones

During an emergency, wireless phones may not provide the most timely or accurate location data if used for a 911 emergency call. Calls may be misdirected to the wrong emergency response center or the emergency response center may make errors when determining your location. USE A WIRELESS PHONE ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK DURING AN EMERGENCY.

Getting Started - User Guide

For a more in-depth guide, please see the full user guide, by visiting the vendor site. 

Placing a Call

For information on how to make a call, please see Placing a Call.

How To - Using Your Phone

Register to Wi-Fi

  1. Push the down button on your keypad to select settings 

  1. Navigate to Wi-Fi 

  1. Unlock settings by pushing **# 

  1. Choose Profile 1 

  1. Choose WLAN Configuration 

  1. SSID: eduroam 

  1. Security mode: PEAP-GTC 

  1. User ID: OHIO email address 

  1. Password: OHIO ID password 

  1. 802.11 Mode: Auto 

  1. On call power save: Enabled 


Power On/Off Phone

  • Press   and hold until the phone powers on or off. 

Lock the Phone Keypad 

You can lock the keypad so that you don't press keys by mistake. 

  • Press and hold Zero (0)  until you see the message that the keypad is locked. 


Unlock the Phone Keypad 

  • Press Unlock 

  • Press Zero (0)  

Access Main Menu Options

  • Press a navigation direction  : 


  • Up - Recents press up for Recents 

  • Left - Contacts press left for Contacts 

  • Right - Apps press right for Apps 

  • Down - Settings press down for Settings 

  • Center - Line view  

Adjust Display Brightness 

  1. Choose Settings
  2.  Phone Settings
  3.  Display
  4.  Brightness
  5. Push left or right on navigation ring to adjust brightness
  6.  Save 

Go to Main Screen from Line View 

  • Press left on navigation ring 


Access Voicemail

  • Press and hold One (1)  on the keypad. 

  • Follow the prompts. 

Left and Right Side Buttons 

Adjust ringer, handset, or speaker volume 

 long rocker button, press up to increase and press down to decrease 

Mute/Unmute mic 

small round button 

Turn Speaker on off 

small round button 

Place a Call 

  • Dial the telephone number, including a 9 for an outside call, then press  

Answer a Call 

  • Press  or Answer 

Disconnect a Call 

  • Press  or   then End call 


Hold/Resume a Call 

  • Press Hold or Resume

Transfer a Call 

  1. Choose  
  2. Transfer 
  3. Enter the target number 
  4. Transfer  

Forward your Extension 

  1. Choose Line view   
  2. Press  
  3. Forward all
  4. Enter the number to which you want to forward all calls. 

 Remove Forwarding

  1. To turn off forwarding choose line view
  2. Select   
  3. Forward off 


Access your Call Logs 

  1. Choose Up - Recents press up for Recents
  2.  Missed Calls or Recents
  3.  All missed or All recents.
  4. To dial, scroll to a listing and press  

Access your Phone Book 

  1. Press Contacts press left for Contacts
  2.  Ohio University Directory 

  3. Search Directory

Enter Text 

Character - Press key one or more times 

- Press these keys: 

  •  to enter space 0 , ! ^ ' " |  

  • 393161.jpg (106×56) to enter / . @ : ; = ? - _ & % 

  •  to enter + * ~ ` < > 

  •  to enter # $ £ ¤ ( ) { } [ ] 


If you are having issues, contact the IT Service Desk and provide the following information: 

  • Your OHIO email address 

  • The University telephone number having trouble 



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