Installing software on OHIO Mac computers


How to install software on an OHIO managed Mac computer.



If you are using an OHIO managed Mac computer, you may follow the directions below to install university-approved software. 


Mac OS


Installing Applications

  1. In the bottom left corner of your dock, open FinderFinder icon on Mac

  2. Open the Applications folder.

  3. Select Self ServiceScreenshot of the Self Service icon

  4. Once Self Service loads, the software packages available for you to download will appear. Choose the software you would like and select Install.

  5. Follow the automatic prompts to install the software on your device. 

    • Some applications will require you to read the description before continuing. Other applications may require a restart.

Screenshot of Self Service

Updating Applications

Updates appear in the Notifications section of Self Service. Most updates will install automatically within a few days of appearing in Self Service. However, installing the update from Self Service is an option for updates that are needed sooner.

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the OHIO network (wired or eduroam Wi-Fi for on-campus, VPN for off-campus). 

  2. Open Finder.

  3. Open the Applications folder.

  4. Select Self Service.

  5. Select Update next to each application or select Update All at the top.

    • Each application will need to be closed, and additional applications may need to quit, depending on the application.


Outcome: You should now be able to install university-approved software on OHIO managed Mac computers.

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