Getting Started with MyCap


Getting started page for MyCap, and external module within REDCap.


Table of Contents

Accessing your account 

To access MyCap, users must complete the MyCap API Token Pre-Approval Request Survey. By completing the survey, a ticket will automatically be submitted to for the Office of Information Security to review. Upon approval of the request, the ticket will be reassigned to the Academic Technology team to enable the MyCap external module. Be sure to state the project name on the request. ONLY the approved project(s) will be enabled. This is done on a case-by-case basis. 

Creating or modifying projects 

MyCap is a mobile device application that can be used by participants to complete surveys and tasks associated with REDCap projects. Available as an external module that can be enabled on a REDCap project, MyCap allows researchers to capture participant/patient-reported outcomes via the MyCap app on a participant’s mobile device. The data is then sent from the app to the REDCap project.

For a more in-depth overview of project creation, consider attending a REDCap workshop. Information on scheduling a workshop can be found on the webpage, OIT Workshops.

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