Addressing slowness with Blackboard


Troubleshooting solutions to address slowness or service interruption issues while using Blackboard.



Sometimes device or network issues can slow your computer and interfere with your connection to Blackboard.


Mac, PC, and mobile app


  1. System compatibility and health: Verify your device meets the minimum requirements for using Blackboard and your browser version is up to date. Additionally, periodically you should clear your browser cache.
    • Visit the Browser Checker page to determine whether your browser supports Blackboard.
    • Note: Public access computers may not permit any access to certain course materials or software due to security limitations.
  2. Close any unneeded programs or browser tabs running on your computer: On your computer, it is best to close programs or browser tabs that you are not using, as these use up processing power and can affect any network connections. 
    • Note: Simply exiting the browser completely is not sufficient, as when you reopen the browser, even after a restart, most browsers intentionally save your tabs to reopen them. Close all tabs and exit the browser for this to be a useful troubleshooting step.
  3. Check your internet speed and connection strength: Blackboard “slowness” or service interruption issues are often symptoms of poor network connectivity or bandwidth limitations between your computer and your internet service provider.
    • A wired connection is preferred. But if you are using wireless, be sure you have a strong connection, and are near your wifi router. Also, if you are at home and other people are using the network, it's a good idea to be sure they are not loading the system with video streaming, gaming, or other network intensive activities as this can slow your connection to Blackboard.
    • Note: The use of wifi, hot spot connections, and public access internet or computers (ie, restaurants and libraries) may result in slowness, errors, timeouts, or access problems when accessing Blackboard course materials and/or taking exams.

Outcome: You should now be able to access Blackboard

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