Adding and Removing TAs, Instructors, and Other Users in a Canvas Course


Instructors can manually add and remove teaching assistants (TAs), co-instructors, and other users for Canvas courses.



You will need to manually add teaching assistants, co-instructors, and other users to your Canvas course if they are not officially enrolled in the course as a student or are not listed as in instructor in Course Offerings

Admitted students are added to Canvas automatically. Access to specific courses will depend upon instructors publishing courses.


Canvas in your web browser or the Canvas Teacher app


Adding a user to a Canvas course 

Note: To add a user to a Canvas course they must first exist in Canvas as a user. 

Creating a user in Canvas

  • New employees are added as users in Canvas daily, after their status has been confirmed by Human Resources.  
  • Students are added as users in Canvas two weeks before their first enrolled course begins.  
  • All other users must be manually created in Canvas; this includes Guests and students participating in the Sixty Plus Program.  
  • Submit a Canvas help ticket to the IT Service Desk to request that a user be created in Canvas.   
  • You will need to provide the preferred first name, preferred last name, and Ohio University email address for the individual(s).  
  • You will be notified after the user has been created in Canvas, at which point you can follow the instructions on the “How do I add users to a course?” help page to add the user.  

Removing a user from a Canvas course 

Removing a student from a Canvas course 

Note: Canvas has been configured to prevent the loss of student data that occurs when students are removed from a course by someone other than a system administrator.  

  • To remove a student that you manually added to your course, please submit a Canvas help ticket to the IT Service Desk.   

Outcome: You should now be able to update users in your Canvas course.  

Get Help from Canvas

  • Live chat with Canvas support (Faculty) 
  • Get 24-hours/7-days a week Canvas support  
    • Dial the Canvas Support Hotline number located under "Get Help" in the Canvas Global Navigation Menu 
    • Contact OIT at 740-593-1222 for questions related to logging in, test courses/manually created courses, or third-party tools (Panopto, VoiceThread, Inclusive Access, etc.) 

Get Help from OIT

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