Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)


Canvas is OHIO's new Learning Management System, designed to create a more streamlined and engaging learning experience by allowing students to easily access course materials and communicate with their instructors and peers. 

Starting spring 2024, a small number of courses will launch in Canvas. Stay up-to-date on the Canvas Learning Management System Implementation.


Who can access

Spring 2024 

  • Faculty and staff 
    • All faculty and staff can access Canvas, however, only courses participating in the Phase 1 migration will have students enrolled.  
    • Phase 1 courses were identified by each College to support a small number of participating faculty and students to start the launch of Canvas. 
    • If you are not teaching in Canvas for Spring 2024 and want to set up course content within Canvas, (1) review Requesting a manually created course and (2) select Create Ticketon this page to submit your request.  
  • Students 
    • Only students enrolled in Phase 1 courses will have access to Canvas in Spring 2024.  
      • Students will be notified by OIT and their instructor if their course will be taught in Canvas. Most courses will continue in Blackboard during Spring 2024.  

General Access  

  • Faculty and staff 
    • Academic courses: Canvas courses are created automatically 8 weeks prior to the course’s start date based on the course information in OHIO's student information system
    • Instructors of record can access their course(s) and add or delete content any time after the course has been created.  
    • Instructions can publish the courses for students to see as early as two weeks before the term start date. 
  • Students 
    • Students enrolled in a course can access the course if: 
      • The instructor has made the course available to students, AND 
      • The course start date is no more than 2 weeks in the future. 

Note: It may take up to 12 hours for students to see their course in Canvas if the course was added after the semester start date.  

How to request access

Manually created courses can be used to test Canvas, to begin developing a course, or to create an organization. 

To request a manually created course, faculty and staff should 

  1. Review Requesting a manually created course to understand course types 
  2. Select Create Ticketon this page to submit the course creation request 


Instructors & Organizational Leaders

  • Apply OHIO course templates designed by the Office of Instructional Design (OID). 
  • Create tests and assignments in one central location. 
  • Organize articles, documents, videos, and other media files for your course 
  • Provide grades and feedback for assessments and assignments. 
  • Communicate with students via announcements, discussion boards, and groups. 
  • Review reports to see what students/participants are accessing. 
  • View all upcoming due dates and to-do items across multiple courses in one calendar 
  • Create accessible course content based on automatic feedback from the accessibility checker. 
  • Access 24/7 support for faculty 
  • Use the Canvas Instructor mobile app to view and edit content, grade assignments, and communicate with students. 

Students & Participants 

  • Access content for your course. 
  • Take tests and submit assignments in one central location. 
  • View and add course due dates and to-do list items in one calendar. 
  • Review assignment feedback and grades. 
  • Update preferred name and pronouns. 
  • Access 24/7 support for faculty and students   
  • Use the Canvas Student mobile app to view courses, participate in discussions, and interact with your instructor. 

Connect with other applications

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Ohio University strives to make its digital resources and services accessible to all visitors, including those with disabilities who may also be using assistive technology. If special steps are necessary in order to improve the accessibility of experiences for end-users, those steps must be taken. 
If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access OHIO websites, videos, online forums, documents, or other information technology, please let us know
For further information about OHIO's digital accessibility resources, see:


The Ohio University Information Security Office strives to educate and empower the University community to appropriately manage risks and protect OHIO’s information and systems. This effort is facilitated through policies, standards, and information security risk management program, as well as other tools and guidance that are provided to the University community. This modern approach creates a safe computing environment in which the University community can teach, learn, and conduct research. 

For additional information about OHIO’s security resources, see:

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