Viewing Student Information After Their Course Access Concludes


In Canvas, concluded student enrollments cause some student information to be hidden. Learn how to view student information, such as grades, after grades are due for the semester.



At the end of a Term (for Canvas, this is the day after grades are due for the semester) the student enrollments in your course become read-only. Canvas calls these enrollments "Concluded".  This prevents students from being able to participate in the course after the course is over, but it also hides the student information from the instructor within the course. This article will explain how you view that hidden information. 


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Viewing Concluded Enrollments in your Course Roster (People)

Restoring Concluded Enrollments

Instructors have the option to restore the concluded enrollments in your course, but please note that doing so will restore the student's ability to participate in the course. This includes the ability to submit assignments or quizzes, participate in discussions, and Inbox message fellow classmates. 

Viewing Grades for Concluded Student Enrollments

When a student’s enrollment in a course is concluded, their grades are hidden in the standard Gradebook view. 

Outcome: You should now be able to view student information after their course access concludes.

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