Referencing the Unified Communications Self Care Portal Quick Guide


Learn how to manage your phone with Cisco Unified communications by using call forwarding and modifying your settings.



Learn how to manage your phone with Cisco Unified Communications self-care portal, how to use call forwarding, speed dials, and how to modify your phone settings. 


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Managing your phone with the Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal

Access the Cisco Unified Communications self-care portal

Note - you must be on the Ohio University Network or connected via the VPN to use this site. 

To change your speed dial numbers and other user settings on your telephone you may visit the above URL. As shown below, you will be prompted for a username and password, please enter your OHIO username and password. Click Login. You will be logged into the Self Care Portal. 

Call forwarding 

Select Call Forwarding on the left side of the screen. If you have multiple lines you will see each line. You can configure them separately. By default some items have been selected by the administrator. You may modify these settings if you desire, you can forward to a colleague, voicemail, etc. Please enter your destination the same way you would if you were to dial it from your office phone. 

Creating/modifying speed dials 

  1. If you have more than one device (telephone) assigned to you, click on the device you wish to add speed dials to and 3 options will appear: Edit, Settings and Download Manual. Please select Settings

  2. Under Phone Settings, choose Speed Dial Numbers

  3. You may now complete the Speed Dials for This Phone fields for your speed dial entries. You must enter the phone numbers exactly how you would dial them from your phone. (5-digits for internal contacts, 9 + 10 digits for external numbers, etc.). 

    • Note - If you have multiple phones, you many enter your speed dials and then select the ?link these phones? button and you can selectively put the speed dials on your desired phones. 

  4. Select Save to save your entries. Your phone will reset as it is updated with your new Speed Dial entries. 

    • Note - You can configure up to 199 speed dials. If you have open line buttons on your phone, the Speed Dials will fill those lines first. You will be able to tell if a line button is a speed dial by looking for the speed dial icon next to the button. From your telephone, you may access your Speed Dial entries by pressing the up arrow on the navigation, highlight the entry and press the call soft key or by lifting the handset. Please note the first 9 speed dials will appear on your telephone. To utilize the rest of them you may simply press the number associated with the speed dial and then hit the speed dial soft key in the display. 

Modify your phone services PIN

  1. To configure your PIN,. select General Settings at the top of your screen and you will see Phone Services PIN near the bottom.

  2. Enter your PIN

  3. Select Save

Modify basic phone settings

  1. To configure basic phone settings, select ?Phones? near the top of the page

  2.  Select My Phones.

Add a description to your phone 

  1. Select the desired phone you wish to modify.

  2. You will be presented with 3 options Edit, Settings and Download Manual.

  3. By selecting Edit, you may enter a description that is helpful for you, but this is not required. 

Modify advanced phone settings 

  1. To configure advanced phone settings, Select ?Phones? near the top of the page

  2. Then Select Phone Settings

You may configure Speed Dials (as discussed above), Services (if applicable), Voicemail Notification Settings, Call History and Phone Contacts (personal directory). 

Voicemail notification settings 

You may configure how your phone notifies you when you have a new voicemail. By default, the system will turn your message waiting light on your desk phone. If you have multiple lines you can configure them separately. 

Phone contacts (personal directory) 

  1. To add a new contact, Select the Create New Contact button

  2. In the dialog window that opens fill in the form fields and Select save.

  3. If you wish to search for someone in the system, enter their name and it will search the system and when found it will auto fill the fields for you.

  4. When you add a contact you will notice the contact will now be listed under the 'Personal Address Book' on your telephone. 

Do not disturb

  1. Select IM and Availability

  2. You may turn on Do Not Disturb if you wish to not receive calls for a period of time.

Note: there is no indication on the phone that this feature has been enabled. 

Status policy 

This is only applicable if you are using Cisco Jabber for IM & Presence.

  1. Select IM and Availability and you will see Status Policy

  2. This will enable Cisco Jabber to read your Microsoft Exchange calendar and updated your presence accordingly (i.e. if you are in a meeting and it is on your calendar, your status will be updated accordingly.) 

Outcome: You should now be able to manage your phone with Cisco Unified communications by using call forwarding, and modifying your settings. 

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