Adding an additional authentication method with Azure MFA


Add an additional authentication method to Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, such as another phone number or device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). This is recommended in case you are unable to access your primary device.



It is recommended to add another authentication method in case you are unable to access your primary device. You can add an additional phone number or device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).


PC, Mac, mobile device


  • Log into with your full email address and OHIO password. 

  • Under Security info, select Update Info >

  • Select Add method.   

  • Select the authentication method you wish to add. A dropdown menu with the following options: Authenticator app, Phone, Alternate phone, Email, Office phone

    • Select the Authenticator app if you would like to set up the Microsoft Authenticator app on an additional smartphone or tablet.

      • The Authenticator app is the most secure way to authenticate.

      • App notifications work over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. 

      • You can also use a one-time password code in the Authenticator app if your phone/tablet cannot connect to a network.

    • Select phone, alternate phone, or office phone to add a phone number. 

    • Note: You cannot use email to authenticate. However, you can use email to reset your password.

      • If adding an email, use a non email address. 

      • Open your non email in a new web browser tab and find the message containing the Azure code for verification. 

      • Enter the verification code.

Example image of the email from Microsoft when setting your email as a part of Azure MFA.

  • Follow the prompts to complete the enrollment process for your new authentication method.

Outcome: You have set up an additional authentication method with Azure MFA. 

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