Changing your default authentication method with Azure MFA (app, phone call, SMS)


You can authenticate with Azure MFA through the Microsoft Authenticator app, a phone call, a text message, or a hardware token. The Authenticator app is the recommended authentication method. 


PC, Mac, mobile device


  • Navigate to and log in using your OHIO email address. 

  • Select Update info > under Security Info. 

  • At the top of the screen, select Change next to Default sign-in method

  • Select your preferred authentication method. 

    • Phone - call: 

      • Receive a phone call to authenticate. 

      • Answer and then press then pound key (#) to log in.

    • Phone - text

      • Receive a passcode via text message (SMS) to authenticate.

      • Note - You cannot connect to campus VPN with this method. 

    • App based authentication - notification

    • App based authentication or hardware token - code

      • Only select this option if you are using a hardware token. A hardware token is a physical device that you can use to authenticate if you do not have a smartphone. View Azure Multi-Factor token request for instructions on requesting a token.

      • Note - You cannot connect to campus VPN with this method. 

  • Select Confirm. 

Outcome: You have changed your default authentication method for Azure MFA.


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