Logging in to Cisco Finesse


Learn how to log in to Cisco Finesse on your phone or web browser.



You can log in to Cisco Finesse using your work phone or a web browser.


PC, Mac, web browser, telephone


Phone Login

Student Employees and Extension Mobility Users will need to log into their phone before logging into Cisco Finesse. Full-time staff can skip this step.

  1. On your telephone, press the settings gear button.

  2. Press the down button on the navigation pad until you see the Extension Mobility application.

  3. With Extension Mobility highlighted, press the open button along the bottom of the display.

  4. Enter the User ID and PIN provided to you by your supervisor.

Cisco Finesse Login

Note: You must be on the campus Wi-Fi, VPN, or VDI to access Cisco Finesse.

  1. Visit the Cisco Finesse login page Screenshot of Cisco Finesse login screen

  2. Enter your username and password:

    • Student Employees and Extension Mobility Users: Use the username and password given to you by your supervisor

    • Full-time staff: Use your OHIO ID and password

  3. For your Extension, enter 555 plus the seven-digit extension on your phone.

    • Example: If your phone number is 7405931222, then your finesse extension would be 5555931222.

Supervisor Login

When prompted, use your OHIO ID and password to log in.


Outcome: You should now be able to log in to Cisco Finesse.

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