Changing your default authentication method with Azure MFA (app, phone call, SMS)


Learn how to change your default authentication method with Azure MFA. You can authenticate via the Microsoft Authenticator app on a smartphone, a phone call, or a text message (SMS).



You can authenticate with Azure MFA through the Microsoft Authenticator app, a phone call, a text message, or a hardware token. The Authenticator app is the recommended authentication method. 


PC, Mac, mobile device


  • Navigate to and log in using your OHIO email address. 

  • Select Update info > under Security Info. 

  • At the top of the screen, select Change next to Default sign-in method

  • Select your preferred authentication method. 

    • Phone - call: 

      • Receive a phone call to authenticate. 

      • Answer and then press then pound key (#) to log in.

    • Phone - text

      • Receive a passcode via text message (SMS) to authenticate.

      • Note - You cannot connect to campus VPN with this method. 

    • App based authentication - notification

    • App based authentication or hardware token - code

      • Only select this option if you are using a hardware token. A hardware token is a physical device that you can use to authenticate if you do not have a smartphone. View Azure Multi-Factor token request for instructions on requesting a token.

      • Note - You cannot connect to campus VPN with this method. 

  • Select Confirm. 

Outcome: You have changed your default authentication method for Azure MFA.


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