Requesting a process automation project

The Digital Workflow Service provides automated workflows to replace manual business processes, electronic forms to replace manual paper forms, document digitization, and digital document content management.

The chart below provides example projects that can inform your request for a process automation solution. Document storage, imaging, and retention solutions are also available. To request a project, please complete the Digital Workflow Service project request form.

  Digitizing forms Electronic signatures and approval processes Automated business processes
Description         Digitize a paper-based process Request or submit documents or other items for approval Automating any manual business process (approvals, registrations, processing)
Example projects

Creating electronic forms which can be completed and submitted online

Collecting requests, orders, or access requests

Collecting customer feedback

Approving office requests

Collecting signatures on student forms or agreements

Creating a process to request and approve device or material loans

Developing a custom app to send automated texts

Collecting and processing program improvement suggestions through an online form

Delivering faxes and scanned documents to secured SharePoint folder

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