Using the PDF separator in OnBase


Use the PDF separator in OnBase to split multi-paged PDFs into individual files or to reorder the pages within a PDF file.


OnBase desktop app (Unity Client) for PCs


  1. After using the Custom query or Retrieval function to retrieve the file you're working on, right-click the file name in the search results. Select Send To, then select Document Separation.  Screenshot of the OnBase desktop app with the Send To and Document Separation options highlighted with a yellow circle

  2. Your OnBase screen will update to display a thumbnail image for each page contained within the document. Right-click the page(s) you want to separate into a different document. Screenshot of the OnBase desktop app with thumbnail images of a sample file displayed

  3. Drag the page(s) below or place your cursor between two pages. This will cause your cursor to change to a scissors icon. Now, you can left-click and the document will be separated.

  4. The pages will now be displayed in two different rows which indicates two separate documents.

  5. At this point, both documents have the same keywords. If you would like the newly created document to contain different keywords, select the Key icon and populate the new keyword values in the Keyword Panel.

    1. Select Save and Remove in the Keyword Panel. Screenshot of the OnBase desktop app with a green arrow pointing at the Key icon

  6. If you are satisfied with the documents and their keywords, select Save and Close All in the upper left corner of your screen. Screenshot of the OnBase desktop app with the Save and Close All button highlighted with a yellow circle


Outcome: You should now be able to use the PDF separator in OnBase.

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