Understanding Groups

A group is defined as a collection of individuals who collaborate to accomplish a goal. To effectively work together, group members communicate regularly, have frequent meetings, coordinate calendars, and easily share documents and other files. Microsoft 365, which includes SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook, allows you to define group members and establish a collection of resources for those members to share. These resources include Teams, SharePoint Intranet sites, shared Outlook inboxes, shared calendars, and document libraries for collaborating on files. 

One of the benefits of using Microsoft 365 Groups is that you do not have to manually assign permissions to all the resources shared within the group. Adding members to the group automatically provides them with the necessary permissions to access the tools your group provides. 

The type of group you use depends on the tools needed to accomplish your goals. Note that to establish a group at OHIO, you need to submit a service request. Once established, most group types allow owners to manage membership. 

To learn more about Microsoft 365 Groups, click here

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