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Go OHIO is a web and mobile app that connects students to their OHIO experience and provides digital access to key services, important contacts, support, and information that helps students succeed. Students can access personal information associated with registration, grades, financial aid, account balances, housing and meal plans, in addition to general information such as academic resources, dining menus, campus maps, and health and safety resources.

The Go OHIO app is available for anyone to access. However, only students with an active OHIO account will be able to view personal information. Personal information displayed in Go OHIO is pulled from My OHIO Student Center, and there may be up to a 15-minute delay for recently updated data to display in Go OHIO. Students may still need to log in directly to My OHIO Student Center to take additional action on information found on the Student Dashboard.

Note: If you are a user with both student and faculty/staff roles, please make sure that you are logged into your student account to view personal information on the Student Dashboard.

This document is designed to assist staff and faculty in helping students locate Go OHIO features. You can download the resource guide that includes My Student Dashboard screenshots.


Go OHIO Android OS App, Apple iOS App, and go.ohio.edu


All instructions begin on the Go OHIO home screen.

There are multiple ways to access information in Go OHIO. These instructions highlight the most direct path.

*This is personal data that is only visible to active OHIO student accounts. Note: There may be a 15-minute delay for recently updated data to display in Go OHIO.

Italicized items are app headings/categories. Bold items are selectable options

Student Resource

Go OHIO location

Academic Calendar

Menu > Alphabetical Listing > Academic Calendar


  • Grades*
    • Accumulative GPA*
    • Blackboard Courses & Grades*
  • My Enrollment*
  • Advisors*
  • Academic Resources

Go to My Student Dashboard > Academics

  • Under Grades, select Accumulative GPA for course grades by semester.
  • Under Grades, select View Blackboard Courses & Grades to log into Blackboard.
  • Under My Enrollment
    • Select the desired term under to view enrollment details.
    • Select the vertical 3-dot option on the desired term to access View my classes or Weekly Schedule
  • Under Advisors, select the advisor email address to generate an email
  • Under, Academic Resources select link to access the Academic Resources module


  • Advising 
    • My Advisors* 
    • Graduation Plan 
    • DARS Degree Audit Report 
    • Course Offerings 
  • Advising, Career, and Experiential Learning Drops-ins (ACE) 
  • Course Support 
  • Student Services Offices 
  • Accessibility Services 
  • University Libraries 



  • Student Account Balance*
  • Make A Payment
  • Student Account Itemization

Go to My Student Dashboard > Accounts

  • Select Make a Payment to make a payment.
  • Select Student Account Itemization to view a summary of charges.


Menu > Alphabetical Listing > Athletics



Bobcat Connect 

Go to My Student Dashboard > Quick-Links > Bobcat Connect 

Campus Dining Options (Athens)


Campus Maps

  • Campus Maps & Resources
  • Additional Athens Campus Maps
  • Regional Campus Maps



Catmail Email

Class Schedule

  • Today's Schedule*
  • Full Schedule
  • Register for Classes

Go to My Student Dashboard > Class Schedule

  • Select a course to view additional course detail
  • Select Full Schedule to view the Weekly Schedule
  • Select Register for classes to add courses

Course Offerings 

Go to My Student Dashboard > Quick-Links > Course Offerings 

Dining Balances & Bobcat Cash

  • Meal Plan*
  • eAccounts*

Go to My Student Dashboard > Dining & Bobcat Cash

Diversity & Inclusion Well-being > Engagement > Diversity & Inclusion

Faculty & Staff Directory

Menu > Alphabetical Listing > Faculty & Staff Directory

Feedback & Support

Share Go OHIO Feedback or Report an Issue 

Financial Aid

  • View all aid years*

Go to My Student Dashboard > Financial Aid 

  • Select View all aid years for financial aid history.

Help & Utilities

  • Go OHIO FAQs
  • Share Go OHIO Feedback
  • Report a Go OHIO Issue
  • Technology Help Center
  • Tech Ready
Menu > Help & Utilities

Holds and To Do Items

  • Holds*
  • To Do Items*

Go to My Student Dashboard > Holds and To Do Items 

  • Select the Hold or To Do item to view hold details.


  • Housing Systems
  • Housing Resources
  • Contact Housing and Residence Life

Menu > Alphabetical Listing > Housing

Majors, Minors, and Certificates*

Go to My Student Dashboard

  • Major, minors, and certificates are displayed at the top of the student dashboard.
    • Use the arrows to view active academic programs (if applicable)

My OHIO Student Center 

  • Academics 
  • Finances 
  • Personal Information 
  • Admissions 
  • Search for Classes (Course Offerings) 
  • Holds 
  • To Do List 
  • Enrollment Dates 
  • Advisor 
  • News and Info 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Student Services Links 

My OHIO Student Center 

OHIO Eats 

Go to My Student Dashboard > Quick-Links > OHIO Eats 

  • Directs students to the app store to download the OHIO Eats app


Go to My Student Dashboard > Quick-Links > OneDrive 

Parking & Transportation (Athens)

  • Buses and Shuttles 
  • Parking 


Regional Campus Information Menu > Alphabetical Listing > Regional Campuses


  • Ohio University Police Department
  • Crisis Resources
  • Medical Emergency



Student Accessibility Services

Menu > Student Resources > Academic > Accessibility Services


Go to My Student Dashboard > Quick-Links > Teams 

Technology Help Center

Menu > Alphabetical Listing > Technology Help Center


  • Engagement 
  • Mental Health 
  • Physical Health 
  • Well-being Coaching 
  • Basic Needs 




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