Setting up VDI Client on Mac OS


How to access VDI using your Mac OS device.


Mac OS


Managed Macs:

A managed computer refers to a computer that requires an OHIO log-in to access the computer.

  1. Open the Self Service app, if it is not in your dock you can access it by opening Launch Pad, then search for self service or hold command then hit the space bar to pop up a search box and type in Self Service and hit enter.  (Icon is Forever Ohio)

  2. Once Self Service opens, search for VMware Horizon 8 Client.

  3. Click the install button under the VMware Horizon 8 Client icon

Unmanaged Macs:

An unmanaged computer refers to a computer that does not require an OHIO log-in to access the computer. 

  1. Download and install Horizon View Client for Mac from VMWare's client download site.

  2. When the installation finishes, you may be asked to reboot your machine.

  3. After the installation, go to your Applications folder and launch Horizon Client.

  4. Select Add Server and enter as the Connection Server name.

Outcome: You are able to log into on your Mac OS device.

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