Administrative Reporting: OHIO Bobcat Insights (OBI)


OHIO Bobcat Insights (OBI) provides authorized users access to data that has been stored in the data warehouse from Peoplesoft Campus Solutions and Oracle e-Business Suite. OBI runs on Oracle Analytics Server.


  • Log in to

  • Supported browsers include Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox

Who can access

Available to all OHIO faculty, staff, and students:

  • Employee Lookup

  • Student Funds Available

Available to all OHIO faculty and staff:

  • Class Schedule - Public

  • Finance Dashboard

  • Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics Official Census Reporting

Limited access subject to data steward approval:

  • Graduate College Dashboard

  • Human Resources Dashboard

  • Registrar Dashboard

  • Student Financial Aid Dashboard

  • Undergraduate Admissions Dashboard

  • ability to create reports 

How to request access

  • Select the Create a Ticket button at the top of this page to request OBI access.

  • When specialized access to OBI data is requested, OIT will consult with the appropriate data steward. The data stewards are as follows:


Application features vary by user role. Most users will use OBI to view reports and dashboards already created.

When using OBI, users can:

  • Work with reports, prompts, tables, and pivot tables, with full capability for drilling, navigating and interacting with results.

  • Create interactive dashboards with rich visualizations such as bar graphs and pie charts. Requires permission.

  • Create custom reports against predefined data models. Save and share these reports with other users, or access shared reports created by others. Requires permission.

Data Available in OBI

The data available in OBI has been extracted from source systems and then moved into a location where it can be reported, analyzed, and/or combined with data from other systems. Most of the data in OBI is provided by the Data Warehouse, and is sourced from either Peoplesoft Campus Solutions or Oracle e-Business Suite. In other instances, OIT has provided data from other systems for use by specific functional areas.

Data Warehouse Data

  • Oracle E-Business Suite:

    • Finance and Human Resources data warehouse (refreshed nightly)

  • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions:

    • Admissions,

    • Financial Aid,

    • Student Financials, and

    • Student Records data (real-time query capability)

  • Institutional Research & Effectiveness data (refreshed on specific dates throughout the term)

  • Other data sources by request (subject to approval)

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