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Centrally managed printing, copying, scanning, and faxing for academic and administrative departments.



Our pricing model is based on an updated state-wide agreement finalized in August, 2017 between the State of Ohio's IUC purchasing group and ComDoc. Under this model, departments will pay a monthly lease for each networked device they need, plus a per-imprint fee that is significantly lower than in the past. This approach more accurately reflects costs and ensures that departments only pay for what they actually need and use.

Imprint fees

  • Multifunction Device, Black & White Copies - $0.005

  • Multifunction Device, Color Copies - $0.035

Multifunction devices that can print, copy, scan, email, and fax cost less to operate and have a lower corresponding cost per page than single function printers.

Lease terms

  • When a device is requested and placed, the department who requested that device will be responsible for the monthly lease for 60 months or the in-service date of the device, whichever is less.

  • Monthly lease payments vary based on the device size and features.

  • Departments will receive a monthly bill via email from "OIT Billing"

  • Standard Printer, Black & White Copies - $0.012

  • Standard Printer, Color Copies - $0.10

Who can access

  • Academic and administrative departments

How to request access


  • Multi-function devices in a wide range of sizes.

  • Maintenance and repair included.

  • Toner included (except for "Cartridge Plus")

  • Online faxing.

  • SecurePrint for confidential documents.

Additional resources

Available devices

OHIO offers various Xerox printer/copier machines. Chose the right printer for your department based on your specific needs.

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