HCOM - eMedley Customization Request

All eMedley customizations will go through an extensive vetting and approval process, including the following steps:

  1. Submit a eMedley Customization Request via this link
  2. Within one week of submission, a meeting will be scheduled to review the Customization Request to ensure clarity and understanding of the request by the Heritage College OMET Team
  3. Within three weeks of submission, the customization request will be reviewed by the Dean of Curriculum, or her delegate for approval and prioritization of the customization request
  4. Typically, customization requests can take 2-4 weeks for completion once submitted to AllofE (vendor of eMedley), however, some requests can take longer depending on complexity. Because of this, the OMET team strongly recommends a secondary plan should you need a solution prior to the customization being available.
  5. Within one week of the customization completion by AllofE, the OMET team will test the new functionality.
  6. Within two weeks of the customization completion by AllofE, the OMET team will schedule a working meeting to review and test the functionality with the curriculum team.
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