Fixing dropped Wi-Fi connections on a Mac

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Fixing connection issues when Mac randomly drops its wireless connection.




  1. Open Keychain Access

    1. Open a Finder window. 

    2. Click on Applications under Favorites in the left sidebar. 

    3. Open or expand the Utilities folder. 

    4. Open Keychain Access

  2. Under Category, choose Certificates (NOT My Certificates). 

  3. Identify if there is only one entry: 

    1. If there is only one, skip to step 5. 

    2. If there is more than one entry: 

      • Delete all entries. 

      • Re-connect to the eduroam wireless network. 

      • Accept the new security certificate. 

      • Return to step 1 above. 

  4. Double-click

  5. Click the triangle next to Trust

  6. Use the drop-down menus to change the following attributes to Always Trust

    • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 

    • Extensible Authentication (EAP) 

    • X.509 Basic Policy 


  7. Close the dialog box and enter your Mac's password to confirm the changes 


Download a PDF version of the Mac OS workaround


Outcome: You should have fixed the wireless connection issues on your Mac.

Get help from OIT

  • Visit the Wi-Fi page to create a ticket

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