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Learn more about frequently asked questions related to how the OHIO Internet supports online teaching and learning.
Connecting to Wi-Fi with devices on Eduroam, Guest Wi-Fi, and how to register a personal device at
How to find your MAC Address on various smart devices including game consoles, TVs, smart sticks, and speakers.
Help and resources page for Wi-Fi. Contains links to other help articles.
Authentication is failing for some Mac users using eduroam. This article explains how to reconfigure your settings.
Fixing connection issues when MAC randomly drops wireless connection
Learn how University guests can connect to specific Wi-Fi networks.
Find the MAC Address of your printer in order to register it for use via Wi-Fi.
Discover where you can connect to outdoor Wi-Fi on all OHIO campuses.
If your home Internet seems slow, there are several things you can do to potentially alleviate the problem.
Learn more about the resources available for students and employees who need to access the Internet from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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