Resolving an "Access Denied" banner


After you have downloaded Proctortrack and completed identify verification, you get a red "Access Denied" banner in Blackboard.


Blackboard on PC or Mac

Fix #1: Check the Exam Availability Window 

You will see the "Access Denied" banner if the exam is not available to students in Blackboard. 

  • Check to make sure you're within the exam window. 

Fix #2: Select the Correct Test in Proctortrack 

You may have more than one exam listed in Proctortrack for your course. In order to gain access to the correct exam, you must select the Go to Test button for the correct test.  

  • If you received an "Access Denied" banner, end the proctoring session, return to your course Blackboard site then navigate back to Proctortrack and select the Go to Test button for the correct test. 

  • If you have confirmed you're within the exam window and are choosing the correct test in Proctortrack, but you are still receiving the "Access Denied" banner, please reach out to your instructor to ensure the exam is marked as available to students in Blackboard or contact the IT Service Desk..  

Outcome: You should now be able to access your exam during the exam window.

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