Authenticating with Single Sign On (SSO) in Qualtrics

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Add single sign on (SS) to authenticate users completing a Qualtrics survey




Enable SSO in a Qualtrics survey to require participants to authenticate with their OHIO credentials prior to accessing a survey. Adding SSO to the survey will collect users’ name, email, department, and user role. Using SSO prevents your survey from being anonymous for users.  

Follow these steps to embed an SSO Authenticator in a Qualtrics survey: 

  1. Open the survey and select Survey Flow from the menu at left 

  1. Click + Add a New Element Here

  1. Select Authenticator

  1. For Authenticator Type, select SSO

  1. Deactivate the Associate Respondent with Panel option 

  1. Select Capture respondent identifying info option (if desired) 

  1. Click Add Embedded Data link 

  1. In the revealed Embedded Data to Set and Field from SSO fields, enter the following embedded data information (use only the items which correspond to the data you wish to capture), clicking the green plus + icon to create additional rows: 

  1. For SSO Type, select Shibboleth

  1. In order to require authentication before survey questions are presented, ensure the SSO Block appears before/above the Question Block (use drag-and-drop to reorder blocks) 

  1. Click Apply to save the flow 

  1. Publish the survey in order to effect changes 

Outcome: You should now be able to add SSO for authentication in a Qualtrics survey

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