Qualtrics Research Suite is an easy to use, powerful tool for creating online surveys. It supports a wide range of approaches, from simple questionnaires and event signup lists to sophisticated social science research instruments with extensive scripting, randomization and interactive question presentation.

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Pinned Article Help & Resources: Qualtrics

Quick access to all help and resource articles for Qualtrics.

Getting started with Qualtrics

Learn about the first steps to create a Qualtrics project.

Authenticating with Single Sign On (SSO) in Qualtrics

Enable SSO in a Qualtrics survey to require participants to authenticate with their OHIO credentials prior to accessing a survey.

Comparison: Microsoft Forms vs. Qualtrics

This article will help you decide if Microsoft Forms or Qualtrics is best suited for your needs.

Creating a Microsoft Excel Task in Qualtrics

Learn how to automatically populate Qualtrics survey responses into a Microsoft Excel workbook.

Using Qualtrics appropriately

Qualtrics may be used to maintain or share the university's unregulated data as well as some kinds of sensitive regulated data. By logging in and using the university’s instance of Qualtrics, you agree to its terms of service.