Creating a new workflow


Get started with Microsoft Automate by learning how to create a new workflow from scratch. 


PC, Mac, web browser


  1. Log in to the Microsoft 365 Home webpage or Outlook on the web using your OHIO email address and password.

  2. Select the waffle icon in the upper left corner of the screen. A screenshot of the Microsoft Office Home webpage with the waffle icon highlighted

  3. Select the Power Automate icon in the navigation list. You may need to select All apps first. Screenshot of Microsoft Office Home webpage with the Power Automate ribbon highlighted

  4. Select the My flows icon on the left navigation bar. Screenshot of Microsoft Office Home webpage with the My Flows ribbon highlighted

  5. Select the New flow button near the top of the screen. Screenshot of Microsoft Office Home webpage with the New flow button highlighted

  6. You have the option of selecting which type of flow you would like to build. The most typical flow is the Automated cloud flow.  Screenshot of Power Automate webpage with the Automated cloud flow option highlighted

  7. Provide a detailed name in the Flow name text box. Screenshot of Power Automate webpage with the Flow name text box highlighted

  8. In the Choose your flow’s trigger text box, type to search for a specific event that will start your flow. The most common trigger is When a new response is submitted via the Microsoft Forms connection. This means that when someone submits the form that you've created, the flow is automatically activated. Screenshot of Power Automate webpage with the When a new form is submitted trigger option highlighted

  9. Select the Create button. Screenshot of Power Automate webpage with the Create button highlighted

  10. Select the down arrow on the Form Id lookup list, which will allow you to select a form that you have created to serve as the trigger for the flow. Screenshot of Power Automate webpage with the Form ID lookup list highlighted

  11. Select the New Step button to add steps or actions to your flow. Screenshot of Power Automate webpage with the New step button highlighted

  12. The Choose an operation module allows you to search and select among different types of available triggers and actions to add to your flow. You can filter the list by searching for keywords or by selecting from the list of operation groups. Screenshot of Choose an operation module within Microsoft Automate

    • Some common actions for basic flow functionality include:

      • Initialize variable

      • Set variable

      • Start and wait for an approval

      • Send an email (V2)

If you need detailed assistance building your workflow, view the Help & Resources: Microsoft Automate article or request a digital workflow project.

Outcome: You should now be able to create a new workflow in Microsoft Automate.

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