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About Inclusive Access

What is Inclusive Access? 

Inclusive Access gives students access to digital course materials, most often an e-textbook, automatically on the first day of classes, with the cost of those materials charged to their student accounts. Students can opt-out of being charged for the materials but then must find those materials on their own.   

Why Inclusive Access? 

Inclusive Access improves affordability and availability. Publisher course content is offered to students at a significantly lower than market price, and that content is available from day one. It’s required by law that institutions who offer an inclusive access model also offer students a way to opt out of the model.

Accessing materials

How do I know if my course is participating in the program? 

Upon registering for your course, the course will include a note that it participates in the program. You also should have received communication from your instructor regarding the program at the beginning of the semester.   

How will I get my course material? 

If you do not opt out of this program, your course material will be available to you in the Learning Management System, either through a publisher link or as a VitalSource eBook. Please contact your instructor for specific information about your course.   

I withdrew from the class, can I use my course material next semester? 

Access length to your course content may vary by publisher. When you access your content, you should be able to see how long you have access to it.  

How do I pay for my course material? 

The cost of the digital course materials will post to student's accounts along with tuition and fees. If a student drops or opts out of the course on or before the drop/add deadline date, the digital course material charge will automatically be removed from their student account within 48 hours of dropping the course. If a student drops the course after the drop/add deadline date, they will be responsible for the digital course material charge. Payment can be made for digital course materials via their MyOHIO Student Center or Authorized User portal

Opting out

What does it mean to opt out? 

If you do not wish to have access to your course content at a significantly discounted price and have your student account be billed automatically for the price of that content, you can opt out of this program. If you do so, you will need to procure your course materials on your own.   

I opted out by mistake and realized that I still need my access, can I opt back in? 

You can opt in and out as many times as you like during the add/drop period for your course. The decision is not permanent until the add/drop period ends. 

I did not opt out, but I did not access my course material. Will I still be charged? 

Yes. To avoid being billed for inclusive access materials, you must opt out.  

I dropped the course. Do I still need to opt out? 

Students who drop the course within the standard add/drop period will automatically be “opted out” and will not be billed.   

I forgot to opt out and missed the deadline. Can I get a refund now? 

If a student forgot to opt out and missed the deadline, Ohio University assumes that the student opted in to the program, and the student account will be billed accordingly.  

I added the class late. Do I still have time to opt out? 

As long as you’re within the add/drop window, you can opt out.  

I opted out but I still have access to my course material in the Learning Management System. Am I going to be billed? 

Publisher course materials in the Learning Management System that don’t require an access code are available through the add/drop period. After that, only enrolled students who have not opted out of the program or dropped the course will have access to the material.   

I am wait-listed for the course. Will I still have access to the digital course material and do I need to opt out if I don’t get into the course? 

No, while you are on a waitlist to be enrolled in a class you will not have access to your course materials. As soon as you are registered for the class, you will gain access. If you don't get into the course, you will not need to opt out. Please note, that regardless of when you get added to a course, you can only opt out of the program before the add/drop deadline approaches.  

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