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Instructors can export grades from the Canvas Gradebook as a CSV file to enhance grade data, grade offline, archive a version of the gradebook, or prepare final grades for import to the Faculty and Advising Center. After downloading, the file can be edited using Microsoft Excel and uploaded back into Canvas. Instructors are cautioned to review changes carefully before finalizing the import process to avoid losing student grades.
View instructions on the various options available for sharing Panopto videos in Blackboard.
Learn how to add a Panopto video to a Blackboard Original or Blackboard Ultra course.
View all Panopto help and resources for instructors, students, and staff.
Course retention policy standards, definitions, exceptions and schedule for course deletion.
This article outlines the different roles and associated permissions available to OHIO students and employees in Canvas courses.
This article provides instructions for adding images, documents, and videos to Canvas.
Self-enrollment allows students to enroll themselves in your manually created course through a secret URL or code. Learn how to enable this for your Canvas course.
Instructors can merge multiple courses into one Canvas course.
Instructors can manually add and remove teaching assistants (TAs), co-instructors, and other users for Canvas courses.
This article provides a comprehensive guide to getting started with Canvas, including requesting a test course, navigation, content migration, and support resources.
In Canvas, concluded student enrollments cause some student information to be hidden. Learn how to view student information, such as grades, after grades are due for the semester.
This article provides installation instructions, support instructions, and updates on tools that have integrations with Canvas (publisher content and third-party integrations).
This article details how to use SpeedGrader to grade assignments submitted to Canvas via Turnitin.
Instructors can download SCORM content from Blackboard and upload SCORM to Canvas.