How to Install Pharos app to Enable Touchless Printing

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Touchless Printing is a new feature providing users with a touch-free method to release their print jobs at pay-to-print printers. This feature requires that the Pharos Mobile Print app be installed on your mobile device.  Once you have the app installed, use the steps below to release your print job by scanning the QR code on the printer. Please note that this is a pay-to-print feature and that requires that funds be available on your account to print. 


Available for Apple iOS 13.0 or Android OS 6.0 or higher devices.  


Install and set up app

  1. Search for Pharos Print app in the Apple or Google Play store.
    Image of the Pharos Print app in the Apple or Google Play store.
  2. Install the Pharos Print app on your device.
  3. Open the app. 
  4. Enter and 443 in the white boxes. 
  5. Select connect.
    Image of  boxes to Enter “” and “443”.
  6. Enter your OHIO ID (do not include and OHIO Password.
  7. Select log on.

Outcome: You should now have the Pharos touchless printing app installed and set up on your mobile device.

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