Using passwordless authentication with the Microsoft Authenticator app


Passwords can be time-consuming and hard to remember. With passwordless authentication, you can bypass entering your email and password at any OHIO login page. Instead, you'll be prompted to verify your login on the Microsoft Authenticator smartphone app via number matching. This feature works across any web browser and any device.


  • Smartphone or tablet with the Microsoft Authenticator app installed

Note: This feature is only currently available for users who use the Microsoft Authenticator app with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.  

Setting up passwordless authentication

  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone or tablet.

  2. Select your Ohio University account in the app.

  3. Select Enable phone sign-in.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. You will be shown a number on your phone’s screen.

  6. Enter the number into the Authenticator app to verify your identity.

  7. You'll be taken back to your main screen in the Authenticator app.

Outcome: You have successfully set up passwordless authentication! Now, at any OHIO login screen, you’ll bypass entering your username and password, and instead you’ll be prompted to log in via the Authenticator app. You can see what the experience looks like under Logging in with passwordless authentication.

Note: Please be aware that there is oftentimes an hours-long delay after enrollment for the feature to go into effect.


Logging in with passwordless authentication

  1. You may be prompted to select your account at any OHIO login page.

  2. If so, select the account corresponding to your OHIO email.

  3. Single sign-on screen showing option to select account

  4. After selecting your account, you’ll see a number on your device’s screen.

  5. Single sign-on screen prompting user to confirm log-in on Microsoft Authenticator app

  6. On your phone, select the notification from the Microsoft Authenticator app to open the app.

  7. In the Microsoft Authenticator app, enter the number shown on your device’s screen.

  8. You’ll then be prompted to enter your phone's fingerprint ID, face ID, or passcode (depending on your settings). 

  9. Enter this credential to complete your login.


Outcome: You have successfully logged in via passwordless authentication.


Withdrawing enrollment in passwordless authentication

If you do not like passwordless authentication experience, you can withdraw enrollment by the following the steps below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone.

  2. Select your Ohio University account.

  3. Select Disable phone sign-in.

  4. You’ll see a number on your phone’s screen.

  5. Enter the number into the Authenticator app to confirm your identify.

Outcome: You have successfully withdrawn enrollment from passwordless authentication. Now when you access any online application requiring your OHIO login, you’ll be prompted to enter your username and password like before.  

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