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Bypass entering your username and password at any OHIO sign-in page by enabling passwordless login with the Microsoft Authenticator app.
Enable "Remember me for 90 days" with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to limit authentication requests.
Learn how to authenticate using number matching on the Microsoft Authenticator App.
Learn how to easily enroll in Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to secure your devices and data.
Learn what an OHIO guest account is and how to request one.
First steps to set up and start using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.
A summary of Azure Multi-Factor Authentication help resources.
Answers to frequently asked questions related to ID cards.
Add an additional authentication method to Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, such as another phone number or device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). This is recommended in case you are unable to access your primary device.
Disable app lock so you don't need to enter your phone's passcode to open the Microsoft Authenticator app with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.
Learn how to change your default authentication method with Azure MFA. You can authenticate via the Microsoft Authenticator app on a smartphone, a phone call, or a text message (SMS).
Learn how to troubleshoot common issues and when to contact the IT Service Desk when using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.
Describes how you can change your password through the Authenticator app or your Microsoft account once you have opted into Azure MFA.
Describes how to reactivate the Authenticator app on a smart phone or tablet after a factory reset or replacing the device.
Learn how to activate and use the Family as a Benefit package, which is available to all OHIO employees who have access to LastPass.