Using OneDrive or SharePoint to Request Files

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint offer the Request Files feature, which allows you to select a folder where others can upload files using a link you send them. The recipient of the link can only upload files; they cannot view, edit, or delete files in the folder. 

This feature is helpful for collecting assignments from students or collaborating with outside entities. 

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Benefits of the Request Files Feature 

  • Anyone with the link can send you a file. without needing OneDrive or SharePoint. 

  • All the files sent are saved in one folder that you choose. 

  • Every file includes a prefix to identify who uploaded it. 

  •  If multiple files with the same name are uploaded, the second file's name will have a number added to it automatically. 

  •  Responders to your file request can only upload files; they cannot view or edit files in the upload folder. 

When to Use OneDrive and When to Use SharePoint for Requesting Files 

The Request Files feature is available for both OneDrive My Files and for SharePoint Document Libraries that have Anyone links enabled. If you do not see the Request Files option in your SharePoint Document Library, please contact for further assistance. 

If the files being submitted do not contain sensitive information and do not need to be accessed by anyone other than yourself, you can use the Request Files feature in OneDrive My Files. 

Use the Request Files feature in a SharePoint Document Library when more than one person needs to access the submitted files or the submitted files need to be archived for future use. If the files being submitted contain sensitive information, please contact for further assistance. 

How To Create a Request File Link 

The steps for creating a request files link are as follows: 

  1. Navigate to OneDrive My Files or a SharePoint Document Library where you want to collect submitted files. Note that you must be the owner of the SharePoint Document Library you select and Anyone links must be enabled. 

  2. Select or create the folder where you want to collect submitted files. 

  3. Click on the folder, then select the “Request Files” option. Note that this option is sometimes located under the ellipses (…) to show additional file options. 

  4. Follow the instructions provided under the “Request Files” option to obtain the link that will be shared with others.  This link will allow them to upload files to the designated folder. 

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