File storage and sharing with collaborative editing capabilities using Microsoft Office Online.

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Pinned Article Help & Resources: OneDrive

Help and resources page for OneDrive. Contains links to other help articles.

Getting Started with OneDrive

First steps to set up and start using Microsoft OneDrive

Restoring Deleted Files in Microsoft SharePoint or Teams

How to restore accidentally deleted files or folders in personal and shared group OneDrive accounts.

Using OneDrive or SharePoint to Request Files

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint offer the Request Files feature, which allows you to select a folder where others can upload files using a link you send them. The recipient of the link can only upload files; they cannot view, edit, or delete files in the folder.
This feature is helpful for collecting assignments from students or collaborating with outside entities.

Handling sensitive data in OneDrive for employees

Safely store data in Microsoft Groups and OHIO OneDrive accounts.

Handling sensitive data in OneDrive for students

Safely store personal documents in student OneDrive accounts.

HCOM File Storage and Collaboration Best Practices

HCOM recommends the use of OneDrive and MS Teams for file storage and collaboration. Microsoft's cloud-based storage prevents loss of data if your device were to fail. This articles attempts to outline our recommendations for best practices for data storage and collaboration.

Improving upload speeds in OneDrive

Troubleshoot slow upload speeds for OneDrive.